RP Tracks

I attended the University of Memphis for my undergraduate degree and RP Tracks is one of the go to bar & grills for hungry Tigers. I admit, that during my four years at Memphis, I never went there! I have heard only praise for RP Tracks, so it has been on my bucketlist for years.

During the hullabaloo of the holidays, I told T we would go there one night after work for dinner. We braved the wet & cold night for the sake of fulfilling a lifelong wish  eating at RP Tracks. We walked in around 7:00 to a pretty empty restaurant and seated ourselves. After we found the perfect table where we could observe the college life that we no longer lead we were greeted by a very friendly server.

The view from our table

The view from our table

RP Tracks is famous for the BBQ Tofu Nachos, but once we arrived, I couldn’t stop thinking about regular nachos. I ordered those and T ordered the Alpha Beta Pita with Steak.

My nachos came out and the amount of toppings did not disappoint. RP Tracks is not stingy when it comes to making their nachos! The chips were on point! Any nacho connoisseur like myself knows that the chip is a make or break when it comes o nachos. However, the over all taste of these nachos were pretty much the usual, nothing too out of the ordinary.

T liked his Pita. Since we had recently eaten at Folk’s Folly, a locally owned steakhouse, T said the calibre of the steak was not the same— but good for the price of the pita. Also, inside the pita was a chipotle hummus, black olives, feta cheese, & alfalfa sprouts. The fillings in his pita were quite the opposite to the toppings on my nachos.

T wanted some sort of remoulade for his fries, so I asked the server if he could have some cajun mayo.
T said that the cajun mayo made the fries taste great!

We had a great server and she kept my cup of water constantly filled (hugely important to me). I know that RP Tracks is not a gastro pub; however, T and I both agreed that neither of us would order the same things again. When we go again, I would definitely order the BBQ tofu nachos. Since that is what they are famous for I think they need a taste before I label RP Tracks as just another bar & grill. Until then, RP Tracks will continue to feed many tigers while also providing entertainment as the restaurant has an attached game room with pool tables and the like.


2 thoughts on “RP Tracks

  1. Hahah, you’re too funny, Laura. I must admit, I’ve only been there once myself… I believe I was celebrating my 21st birthday. Didn’t try the food, perhaps I should! *smile*


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