Hello, again!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my family’s supper club, I wanted to let you in on another way that my love for food has affected my life. While some of you may be member’s of a cheese of the month club, or wine, etc. I am a member of Foodzie.Each month I receive a tasting box full of fun, artisanal, appetizing items directly at my doorstep. It is like an edible magazine subscription. I had been dropping hints for a while and for our wedding anniversary, T gave me a subscription to Foodzie. What a perfect gift this has proven itself to be.. The first week of every month, I receive an email from Foodzie revealing a few options from which I am able to choose my monthly tasting box. It is like Christmas morning each month as I run to the front door, reach down for my box, and bring it inside! I always wait until T gets home from work before I open it. I think he enjoys seeing the joy that overcomes my face as I pull back the green tissue paper to reveal it’s contents as I do when I discover the treasures inside.

Each month I will invite you into my kitchen to watch as I open each box. I will also post photos and updates on what I think about each product.

I would recommend giving this gift to anyone in your life who as my 11 year-old cousin Caleb revealed to our Grandmother (Big Mama) “Biggie, I just think about food all of the time!” In my opinion, the only downside to Foodzie is the price of the subscriptions. Since T purchased this gift for me in November, they have raised their prices and are pretty pricey. In the meantime, I am very thankful to T for the thoughtful and brilliant gift— I love you!!!



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