Supper Club


Some people are in debate groups, book clubs, bunco clubs, etc.—- I am in a supper club! About a year ago I had the idea to do a supper club, I just needed to find a group of people with the same interest who were willing to spend one night a month discussing food! Since some things are genetic, I knew exactly who would share this common interest— My family! Although many of my family members live in the greater Memphis area our paths do not often cross. Having supper club with my family would provide the opportunity for all of us to eat a meal together while expanding our culinary repertoire. I asked my family if they would be interested and they were all very much so— only one thing left to do— pick a book!

During winter break of my senior year in high school, I went to visit my Aunt and her family in England. I spend 3 weeks in England and a few days in Paris. Talk about a foodie’s dream 🙂 I digress…. Anyway, My Aunt Melanie is one fabulous cook. I have never had anything short of amazing from her kitchen. While I was in England we made some brownies. Not just any brownies, but brownies I liked!! You see, my dislike for brownies is just one of the many defects I posses. The recipe we used was by Nigella Lawson. Ever since that cold December evening, I was a fan. Not of brownies, but of Nigella! That sweet, sentimental story leads me to say that when I heard Nigella was coming out with a new cookbook I knew it would be the perfect excuse to buy the book! SUPPER CLUB! I quickly logged on to and purchased 8 copies of the book.

The members of the supper club include—-

My Grandmother: a retired nurse, who spends much of her time serving at her church, spoiling her 16 grandchildren, and traveling back and forth to the west coast. My Aunt: a DIY master, craft extraordinaire, excellent birthday gift buyer, and nurse. My cousin: an incredibly gifted elementary special education teacher with more compassion then most of us will ever dream to obtain. My Mother: a PhD student and nurse practitioner who divides her time between her husband, five children, and many others. My eldest sister, Anna: a senior inventory planner at FedEX who shares my love for Nigella and all things British. My younger sister, Sarah: A recent college graduate who is wearing many a hats as she studies for admittance into Law School. My youngest Sister, Elizabeth: a freshmen at a small university in Mississippi who does not come home often enough! and myself: you already know me 🙂

Now that you have been formally introduced to my supper club and it’s members, please stay tuned for monthly posts about the dishes we make, the stories that we share, and the laughs we have together. Pull up a chair, you are part of the club!

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