Guest post, round 2!

Today, is an international post from my dear friend, Kate. She, like I, was born and raised in Memphis. However, Her husband is from Argentina. She recently returned from a trip there and I asked her to recap her favorite Argentine eats. Brace yourself, as she takes you to the southern hemisphere to explore Argentina’s best from the kitchen.


Thanks, KATE!!



Argentina- the land of meat and dulce de leche!

This Christmas I went on an amazing trip to the Motherland, Argentina that is. It is the motherland because my husband was born there, and the motherland if you are a carnivore. My husband, 4 month old son and my in-laws flew to Buenos Aries, 13 of us in all. Quite an adventure, but I’ll stick to the food aspects.

Meat. Argentines know their meat and they love it. I may venture to say that Argentines live for meat. Particularly red meat with a few sausages thrown in. They prefer for it to be ‘bbqed’ not southern style with sauce but ‘asado’. On a grill, which can be anything with metal grates.

I must admit, Argentines can serve up so totally delicious meat! Plain, nothing fancy or marinated just meat, perfectly done and utterly scrumptious.

You can also find chimichurri on every table in case you want to bring out the flavor of the meat just a little more.

At restaurants they serve it to you, family style on a sizzling hot griddle. I can smell it and taste it as I type.

Dulce de leche. It’s everywhere. And please, unless you want to be shunned, do not call it caramel. It is COMPLETELY different to Argentines. It is in every dessert, every breakfast table, and almost every snack food. This caramel-colored deliciousness is basically sweetened condensed milk boiled until smooth and creamy. I did not encounter any dessert without out dulce de leche through out our stay during the Christmas season.

Now, my favorite empanadas. Empanadas are savory mini pies filled with ground meat, chopped meat (filet mignon), sweet corn, chicken, cheese and ham, etc. My favorite is the chopped meat but I will gobble up any and all of them. I must have eaten 1,2,3 ok 4 or 5 every day.

At one gathering we attended, they even had little tiny mini empanadas- they were extra good and extra cute. Umm more- yes please!



As a side note, if you are not eating meat you are eating pasta. Really, those are only the 2 choices. And no veggies. Just salad- lettuce, tomatoes, and onion. While I LOVED the food, I did miss the veggies. Another fun food occurrence, my son had his first taste of solid food. No, sadly, not meat just a delicious banana.




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