Amelia Island

Sunday afternoon, I took a jet plane south to visit one of my close friends, Samya. She lives here, in Memphis, but has been transferred to Florida for 6 months due to her husbands job. She is also a major foodie, so as soon as I purchased my ticket we began to plan the places we would eat and the food we would make. Samya is an incredible cook and is particularly talented when in comes to Mediterranean food thanks to her heritage.

When I was there we had at Samya’s house:

Saffron Quinoa with zucchini and garlic and lemon & butter shrimp with red pepper

Fresh mozzarella, basil, sun-dried tomato pesto panini.

Kale Chips

Sumac and cumin roasted chicken with a tahini and parsley sauce, yellow rice, and sauteed asparagus

Samya's FAMOUS hummus, seriously the best you will EVER taste


Her hummus is always my favorite. Besides that, the shrimp and quinoa were phenomenal! I cannot wait to make them at home!


When we were out, we had:

Cheese burger and chili fries from Tasty's at Fernandina beach

The always delicious bread basket from the Cheesecake Factory in Jacksonville

Crab cake sandwich from the Cheesecake Factory

Skinnylicious Mexican Tortilla Salad from the Cheesecake factory

Peanut butter, honey, & banana milkshake from the Cheesecake Factory. (We got our milk shakes in to go cups.)


Tasty’s burgers were great! The hamburger, itself, was juicy and flavorful. They had a house sauce that reminded me of in-and-outs which is obviously a good thing! It is always on my bucket list to visit the Cheesecake factory in whatever city I visit since Memphis does not have one. I always also hope to order dessert when I am there, but rarely have room. We asked our server if we ordered milkshakes could we have them in to-go cups? After he said yes, we quickly ordered them. Samya ordered a customized strawberry and chocolate shake that I somehow did not photograph. They were thick and creamy and are a great way to enjoy dessert from the cheesecake factory.

All, in all it was a wonderful time filled with much food, fun, & laughter. I miss you already, Samya! I can’t wait for you to return home so we can share another meal together!

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