Dinner Club

Yes, there is a difference between dinner club and supper club. Well, at least in my calendar there is a difference. Once a month, My eldest sister, T, and three of our friends have dinner together at a restaurant somewhere in town. When it comes to where we meet, there are no rules. We have been to chain restaurants (Bonefish Grille), we have frequented a Memphis icon (Pete & Sam’s), and we have even leisurely brunched (Owen Brennan’s). This has become a night that we all very much look forward to— not solely because of the food, but even more so for the company!

This month we all met up at the Lotus on Summer Avenue. If you are from Memphis or have ever driven down Summer, you know that it is not Memphis’ finest street. However, if authentic is what you are looking for- check out Summer. Lotus is a Vietnamese restaurant that has occupied a spot on this street as long as I can remember. My family did not grow up frequenting Lotus, but my best friend’s family ate there often as did/do our friends in our Dinner Club. We planned to get there at 6:00, as the dining area is relatively limited and part of the charm of Lotus is the casual service dining (Basically, they only have one server). The menu contains many familiar dishes such as egg rolls and egg drop soup, but also has a few more unique items like Lemon Grass Pork and various curries.

Since our friends come to the Lotus often, we agreed to order several of their favorite dishes and dine family style that evening. To begin T and Anna ordered egg drop soup. It was good and it was served hot (bonus points!)

And the table shared a couple orders of oriental sausage. It is cut thinly on the bias and it is a delicious rendition of sausage!

The Lotus serves their food with lids, which is nice as your dinner continues to retain heat while you eat what is on your plate.

My plate

Chicken fried rice, lemon grass pork, shrimp vermicelli, lotus chicken, ginger beef, and obviously- steamed white rice. I went back for seconds of the lotus chicken, fried, rice, and had some chicken curry that was brought to the table later. Everything was tasty, but the Lotus chicken was my favorite. We had a great evening there and I would definitely recommend that you check it out if you are looking for a Vietnamese place to have dinner. They also accept to go orders.


AND they have a giant gumball machine, which immediately led t o much joy from my husband 🙂




Lotus Restaurant

4970 Summer Avenue

Memphis, TN 38122


2 thoughts on “Dinner Club

  1. I LOVE Lotus! It is Tez go to for sure. You have to be willing to wait but we love the owner. He’s so cute and VERY proud of his chicken broth…seriously, don’t believe me, next time ask him about it!

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