Supper Club at Anna’s

Our latest supper club was hosted by my sister, Anna. She not only planned the menu, but she also had us all over to her home that Thursday evening. Anna choose an Asian inspired menu.

We startes off with Coconutty Crab Cakes (427-428). Nigella recommended that they be served with rice wine vinegar for dipping. She was right!! It was a great substitute for the acid regularly provided by a lemon. The vinegar brightened the crab cake & drastically elevated its flavors.

Salad on the side (p. 30), Steamed broccoli (not featured in cookbook), Teriyaki chicken (p. 38), & sushi rice (18). The salad on the side is a very tasty salad that greatly benefits from using a higher quality of cheese such as a parmigiano-reggiano. The marinade from the chicken is reduced and it forms a mouth-watering thick and sticky syrup to coat e chicken. The rice and the broccoli served as trusty sides.

Chocolate chip bread pudding (p. 142) with creme anglaise (not featured in cookbook) Everyone enjoyed this recipe except my sister Sarah and myself. Sarah didn’t prefer it because se likes homogenous foods. I didn’t care for it because I am not a chocolate chip fan. So, all of you normal people out there would love this dessert! It good rave reviews from the other members of supper club.

We all had a nice evening together and are very much looking forward to our next meeting this month at my cousin, Candysse’s apartment.

Don’t forget you have until Wednesday night at midnight to enter my giveaway !!!

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