T, I could NOT do it with out you!

I am a very independent, strong-willed, and stubborn individual inside and outside of the kitchen. I am highly aware of these tendencies and they have led to more than a few unpleasant moments. My husband knows me very well and still loves me. He puts up with me and my tendencies in and out of the kitchen.


I set out to make the most beautiful dinner of risotto, lobster tails, and drawn butter. After selecting two beautiful tails, I headed home to set everything up for ‘operation lobster tail’.


bottoms up!



I got out my kitchen shears and recruited T to photograph me as I snipped the shell (only, not the meat) down towards the end.



Just keep snipping, snipping, snipping (to the tune of Finding Nemo).


Almost there!


Time to separate the shell and the meat from one another.





things are starting to fall apart



Yeah, I am going to need back up!


I couldn’t quite get the flesh to separate and lift above the shell like lobster is supposed to do so beautifully. The shell was breaking, my nails were feeling feeble, and my frustrations were steadily growing. I turned to T and said, you do the other one and I will photograph.


Can you guess which one is his?



I disassembled my tail and added it to risotto and we enjoyed his beauty with butter.



My lobster wasn't totally wasted


We had a wonderful evening together and a rare one in our household. We collaborated (IN THE KITCHEN!!!)! I let my husband assist  in the lobster tailing and he came out victorious with the most beautiful lobster tail and the kindest spirit! I can cross two things off my list with this dinner. I made lobster tail and WE made lobster tail.


*Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be so mushy! I just wanted you all to know that T is more than a sous chef/photographer/guinea pig! He is one of the the many things/people who is patiently a part of my life as I realize what of life is important and what is not. Please remind me of this next time I tell him that the time at which he adds salt to the vegetables he is sautéing was premature and will spoil the whole dish 🙂


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