Foodzie Review, January (plus free mini-sampling box)

I hope you all enjoyed the video revealing the contents of January’s Foodzie box. I wanted to update you all on what I have tried thus far and my opinions on those items. The theme I selected was ‘Jump Start Your New Year’ and included:

Somersaults: These are little snacks remind me of a heartier and tastier version of rice cakes. These are a great snack for those who may have nut allergies.

Dutch Cocoa Somersault

Chocolate: With higher cocoa solids all the rage now, some light weights find it difficult to stomach healthier chocolate options. If that sounds like you, this is your snack. The chocolate does not overpower this little biscuit, the other flavors are still recognizable. This flavor has as much protein as almonds, but contains significantly less fat.

These are the perfect size for an afternoon snack

Cinnamon Crunch: I preferred these over the chocolate ones. They were hearty, crunchy, and contained one of my favorite spices- cinnamon! I would definitely buy these again!




Sea Salt & Nibs Bar from Madecasse: Although this bar is only 63% cocoa, it is not for the faint of heart. The nibs intensify the chocolate taste, the flavors were very nice. If you are a dark chocolate lover, you will not be disappointed by the depth the bar offers.




Quite Cheesy Kale Krunch from Alive & Radiant: These dehydrated kale chips are something that everyone should try! They are really interesting and totally different than the roasted kale chips you are able to make at home. At first bite, they reminded me of tempura then came undertones of roasted red peppers.



Chocolate Cherry Granola Bar from 18 Rabbits: The flavors of the chewy granola bar reminded me of my favorite granola bar that I make at home. These would be great to grab on the go. My local grocery store supplies 18 Rabbits products, but not this flavor of granola bar 😦



Roasted Almond from Stackhouse Orchards: I am usually not the biggest almond fan. To me, they lack in flavor and feel like they are damaging my teeth. These Almonds proved to be quite the contrary. They were tasty and seemed to be kind to my molars! I ended up making some almond butter out of it, so I will be enjoying it for lunch for the next week or so.



Right before they are ground into butter

Right before I added sea salt and maple syrup

I have yet to sit down to a cup of  Sun-Ripened Pu’er Tea from Five Mountains or make use of the extra virgin coconut oil from Kelapo. I do have big plans for both of these and will most definitely keep you up to date when I do sample them! Foodzie is offering an incredible deal right now offering a mini-box to any one interested in trying a box during the month of February for FREE! If you aren’t happy with your subscription, feel free to cancel before March! What a deal!

Happy Weekend!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What are you most excited about eating this weekend?

I am making standing rib roast tonight and that will be delicious as will the bruschetta that T and I invented and ADORE!

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