Blogger Fail!

I am from the BBQ capital of the world, Memphis!! BBQ joints are ubiquitous here and some are better than others and some even have multiple locations throughout the city.  I have my favorite places to get BBQ and a list of those I have yet to try! T and I had the opportunity to go to Interstate BBQ one of the more decorated BBQ restaurants in Memphis.

We were there one Saturday afternoon and the dining room was almost fully occupied. There was a table next of people who had driven miles just to eat Interstate’s BBQ

We placed out orders and read the history of the restaurant on backside of the laminated menu.

Save me! I am married to a food blogger!

Said wife

And that is where my photos end! We were starving and I totally forgot to take photos of our food until we had left the restaurant! T ordered one of our favorites, BBQ Nachos. Since he is the health nut that he is, he ordered a side of onion rings. I just went with a classic BBQ pork sandwich with the coleslaw on the side. Our verdict: T loved the nachos! He said it was the perfect ratio of cheese::bbq::sauce::chips, etc. He also says that the chips Interstate BBQ uses are sturdy enough to withstand all of the toppings they put on their chips. The BBQ sandwich was good, similar to many other BBQ joints in Memphis. What I really enjoyed was the coleslaw! I can usually skip over coleslaw, but Interstate BBQ knows what they are doing here!

If you are in the area, stop by Interstate BBQ and partake in another one of Memphis’ very famous BBQ restaurants. You will not be disappointed. Oh and staff was very friendly as well!

Interstate BBQ

2265 S. Third Street

Memphis, TN 38109



Question of the Day: Do you celebrate Mardi Gras? Are you  cooking some cajun delicacies? I do not, but if I did my day would be filled with a King Cake from LaBaguette. LaBaguette is a french bakery in town that makes the best King Cake I have EVER tasted- YUM! If only I had a legitimate reason to pick one up today!  

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