Life as a Hunter’s Wife

If you read my old blog then you will know that I am wed to a hunter. When I used to think about what my husband would be like, I never ever considered that he would be a hunter. This hunting season, my husband has proudly returned with venison, duck, geese, and squirrel. I cross the line at oversized rodents, but the others I have and will continue to attempt the transform into (to put it plainly) dinner.

This week, I set out to tackle one of the ducks T brought home. I recently heard from a friend the most incredible way to prepare duck and since the weather provided hope that there would be enough nip in the air for soup, I decided tonight would be the night!

I was going to follow the recipe exactly as I had orally received it as well as I could recall it to my memory. The only thing I wanted to improvise was that i would sear the duck before adding the coconut milk in order the deepen the flavors. After browning the duck, I proceeded with the rest of the steps and I began the waiting process. The soup was going to continue to simmer as the duck slowly cooked through and all of the flavors would begin to marry. T called me when he was on his way home from work and I told him the good news and the bad news. The good news- I was cooking duck and the bad news- we weren’t going to be eating it for dinner. I sampled the broth and the flavors were not right. I was trying to figure out what I had missed or messed up? Not wanting to suffer total defeat, I thought it would be our appetizer before dinner. One spoonful and I was ready to move on. T liked the flavor of the broth and Kale, but likened the duck to chicken livers. I have never tasted chicken livers, but he has and does not like them- so I do not take that as a complement.

Below please find the recipe a photo

Coconut and Ginger infused Duck Soup served on Brown Rice with Kale



Question of the day: Have you ever cooked game? 

I cook Venison all of the time and usually love it!

5 thoughts on “Life as a Hunter’s Wife

  1. Sent you a recipe for Cherry Duck with Spicy Almond Rice…let me know if you don’t get it; I don’t do attachments successfully sometimes.

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