Supper Club, the February Edition

This month, my cousin Candysse not only hosted supper club, but she also chose the menu. We were all looking forward to seeing her new apartment and discussing each dish that she had assigned to us.

First things first! Her apartment is so cute! She has done an excellent job making it her home. A favorite amenity is her massive patio! Spring supper club out there, I think so!!

Candysse chose a few supper club favorites while adding several new recipes to the menu.

We started off with a pre-dinner drink made by Anna. Anna made a sangria inspired mocktail garnished with either apple or citrus slices.

Elizabeth made a crowd favorite Peanut Butter Hummus. She served it with warm pita.

Substituting peanut butter for the traditional tahini is a nice spin on the classic hummus

Sarah was given Italian Tomato Soup (sans the pasta). This labor-intensive soup was very flavorful while being low in fat and calories. The omission of pasta also caused it to be the perfectly light soup leaving ample room for the course to follow.

Italian Tomato Soup garnished with sour cream and parsley

Next up, were Irish Oaten Rolls with Brown Sugar Cinnamon Butter. We had these on our very first supper club last year at this time. I was given the task of making these soda-bread inspired rolls. The rolls are light and fluffy while also being hearty with a sweet and malty flavor due to the addition of whole wheat flour, honey, and Guinness Beer.

Irish Oaten Rolls

Irish Oaten Rolls

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Butter

Our green vegetable of the evening was an egg and bacon salad made by our Grandmother. We agreed that the bitter greens were a nice complement to the eggs and bacon.

Candysse made the main event and it was a show stopper! Look how beautiful the pasta, pancetta, and parsley was! I will be making this again! The complexity of  flavors from the roasted red pepper made us never want to add tomatoes to our pasta again.


To wrap up the meal, my Aunt made Frangelico Tiramisu. My favorite parts were the cocoa topping and toasted hazelnuts.

pretty little layers

For any new readers, just a reminder— my family is going through Nigella Lawson’s cookbook Kitchen.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening together. Thanks to Candysse for opening up her home and creating a menu so delicious that it had me eating bacon and hazelnuts with enjoyment!

Until next month!

Question of the day: Are there any ingredients you do not like alone, but have come to enjoy in certain recipes? 

As I mentioned, I do not like the flavor of bacon or hazelnuts, but these recipes have slightly warmed me up to these to  which I do not naturally gravitate.

4 thoughts on “Supper Club, the February Edition

  1. I did not see the beautiful butter. By the time it reached me, it was not in the beauitful pattern, which reminds me of soft serve ice cream!

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