What I’m Loving Wednesday

If you follow any other blogs, you may have seen one of them blog about things they are loving on Wednesday. I thought it would be fun to let you all see what  edible treats I have been enjoying lately.



Two of my favorite things combined! Trader Joe’s and peanut butter. We don’t have a Trader Joe’s in Memphis, but when T and I are in a city that has one we try to fit in a quick pit stop to pick up a few items. I am glad we picked this jar of creamy Valencia Peanut Butter with Sea Salt when we were last in Nashville.


Peanut Butter from Trader Joe's







I make granola for T whenever I get the chance, always playing around with the ingredients. Last night I finally tried a recipe that I’ve had marked for several months and it is really tasty. I want to experiment a little bit more with the measurements before I share the recipe with you all.

Almond Butter Granola







I love all of the products I’ve tried from Popcorn, Indiana. The Original Kettle Corn is my Mother’s favorite and I recently bought a bag for her and couldn’t keep my own hand out of it. The popcorn is flavored with cane sugar and salt and has the perfect sweet to salt ratio and unbeatable crunch. I have seen these tasty bags at Costco, Fresh Market, Garden Ridge, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Since, Popcorn Indiana boasts Gluten-Free products, I once served their chips with Guacamole at a shower I was hosting as a gluten-free dipper.


Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn





When my doorbell rang Monday evening, I had no idea who or what would be at the door. I would never have thought that is could be what it was!!! A bag of NEW YORK BAGELS! If you have never had a bagel from New York, you have never had a bagel. One of my dear friend’s Mother and my Dad grew up in the same neighborhood in New York and that neighborhood contains the most incredible bagels I have ever tasted. Yes, it was probably the first bagel I ever tasted, but it set the standard high. When I opened the zipper-topped bag, I closed me eyes and lowered my face- I was met with not only matchless smells, but also old memories. I was sad that I had already eaten dinner, but the next day I definitely enjoyed one of these chewy, dense, sweet, and perfect bagel!


Sesame Seed Bagel from Bagel Boy's in Nanuet



Toasted with butter & sea salt!!







Over the weekend, T and I caught up on the couch over a gallon of Peanut Chocolate Waffle Cone ice cream from the Private Selection line of ice cream at Kroger. I am not sure what I enjoyed more, the ice cream or the time with T. Check out the ice cream isle at your local Kroger and look for their Private Selection Ice Cream. They have a massive collection or sorbets, gelato, and ice creams. They have something for everyone.


A vat of creamy, Private Selection ice cream from Kroger




Question of the Day: Have you stumbled across any fabulous edible finds lately? What have you been loving lately? 


3 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Bagel Boys Bagels!! Yum!! I recently re-discovered how much free range/grain fed eggs are better than the bleached mass produced eggs. You know that I do not prefer eggs, but do not mind the free range eggs as much (whether placebo affect or not).

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