Dinner Club, The Elegant Farmer

Our Dinner Club most recently met up at a farm to table restaurant, The Elegant Farmer. The Elegant Farmer collects all things edible & local and weaves them into their daily menu. It is fun to go through the menu and realize where each ingredient is from and to see how the chef is inspired by what is seasonally available.

The ambiance of the restaurant reminded me of a combination of a farm house and a pub in the UK– maybe something you would stumble across in the British countryside?  After our table was ready for us, we were seated and began to look over the menu. Our server took our order and brought a bread basket filled with a slices of bread from a wheat loaf made by Shoaf’s Loaf. The bread was very moist and doughy, not what you usually expect with a whole-wheat bread. Let me apologize, in advance, for the quality of these photos. They were taken in the darkness of the restaurant and some of them with out the flash.

Bread Basket by Shoaf's Loaf




Our table also shared a few appetizers. The first was deviled eggs. The Elegant Farmer has deviled eggs du’jour. Which is a really neat idea! When we were there, it was influenced my Latin cooking. The mayonnaise was replaced with Avocado and the yolks were seasoned with cumin and cilantro.


Devilled Egg




We also shared Salmon Patties. The wild-caught salmon was formed into patties similar to a crab cake and served on a bed of sweet pepper slaw with a sesame aioli. This flavors of this dish were Asian inspired.

Salmon Patties





The Grilled Apple Salad caught my eye, so I also ordered that in addition to my entree. Whenever I see a salad whose base is arugula, I instantly am drawn to it.  The tart Granny-Smith apples were grilled and placed on a bed of spicy arugula. Sprinkled on top of the salad was candied pecans and goat cheese with a drizzle of muscadine vinaigrette.


Arugula Salad





I was that girl when I requested changes to my entree. I ordered the vegetable plate, but I asked to customize to the vegetable of my choosing. Guess what?! The gracious people at Elegant Farmer more than obliged. I was so excited! I was able to select the three vegetables I most wanted to sample. I chose the Wild Mushroom, Sweet Potato, & Sweet Pepper Hash, the Cheese Grits, and the Sauteed Green Beans. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the largest and most generously sized vegetable plate I have ever seen. I continued eating beyond my satiation and I still left with about half of my vegetables in a to-go box. I would return for the hash alone. It was fantastic!


Monster-Sized vegetable plate





What would dinner club be without dessert? I couldn’t stomach another dish, but I did have a few bites of chocolate cake. Our server claimed that it was the best chocolate cake he has ever had, so our table ordered two of them. The icing was, of course, my favorite bit!


We couldn't wait to taste the 'best ever chocolate cake'--- which is why half of the cake is un-pictured!




We enjoyed our evening at The Elegant Farmer. The Atmosphere was relaxing and the hash was what every hash should be like! For a laid back lunch or dinner head to this local eatery and settle in for a treat. I recommend reservations if you are going to visit for dinner.


The Elegant Farmer

262 S Highland Street

Memphis, TN



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