Martha vs Me

T and I have some dear friends who adore chocolate. Since they were having us over for dinner, I volunteered to bring dessert and I thought something centered around dark chocolate would be the perfect addition to our evening. As I surfed the internet, flipped through pages of several magazines, and pulled a few cook books off of my bookshelf, I stumbled across this recipe by Martha Stewart! As I read through the ingredient list and the directions, I was confident that this would be a winner. Little did I know how much I would enjoy it. The filling is decadent and smooth, the crust buttery and quite flavorful, and the creme fraiche beautifully cuts through the richness of the tart. Martha has done it again, provided another go-to recipe that I will continue to make again and again!



Dark Chocolate!

Dark Chocolate!




Next time you are looking for a unique dessert to wow yourself for any reason, may I suggest this tart. Then you can join me in crossing off this show-stopping, cinchy-to-make, most-certainly-edible, hard-not-to-eat-more-than-one-slice dessert off your Edible Bucket List. Below are two photos comparing Martha’s slices vs mine.




My photo


Martha's photo


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