Sunny with a high of 75!

Lately, the weather has felt more like spring and less like February/March! Last week, the temperature in Memphis broke 80! Although I am sad that I haven’t been able to have chili this year, the flavors of spring make the former more palatable.



A few years ago, I would not have listed eggplant or mint as something I enjoyed or ingredients that I was comfortable using while cooking. Thankfully, taste buds change and it is wonderful to have another vegetable and an herb to experiment with and enjoy!




Grilled eggplant alone is mouth-watering, but the addition of the tangy balsamic vinegar, creamy goats cheese, and toasted pine nuts only begin to make this a must-have at your table this spring! Thanks to Giada for this amazing interpretation of grilled veggies. This summer I am going to try adding zucchini and yellow squash as well.


Question of the Day: What are your favorite warm weather foods that you are most looking forward to as the weather warms up?

I love all of the produce! Especially tomatoes, corn, and squash!

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