What I’m Loving Wednesday, round 2

I hope everyone has been having a good week so far! Nothing out of the ordinary has happened here, but I am looking forward to some extra time off of work next week to organized my kitchen cabinets, make some homemade dinners, and attempt to perfect a few recipes.

T and I had pizza from Lucchessi’s last week, we were blown away with how delicious this pizza tasted.

Fruit is starting to taste amazing again! Especially strawberries!

Toasted pound cake with vanilla ice cream and perfectly ripe strawberries

I have been enjoying Jazz apples lately. They remind me of Pink Lady apples, but I think I like them even better! Crunchy, tart,  and sweet!

Friday, we redeemed a free cupcake coupon we had to GiGi’s. I heard that they added a flourless cupcake called the tuxedo to their menu on Fridays. We took it home and dissected it (my family eats cupcakes with forks and sometimes knives!) It reminded me of a fudgy flourless torte. T and I agreed that the 7 minute frosting they iced the cupcake with was the perfect substitution for the usual buttercream.

Cute Cupcake!

Picking out the perfect bite

Last spring, we planted brussell sprouts and Sunday T discovered a few that were finally ready for picking! He brought them inside and sauteed them with salt, pepper, and olive oil. They were amazing! The fact that we grew them in our own back yard made them taste even better!

Fresh from our garden

Question of the day: What have you been loving this week?


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