Foodzie Friday, a review

Have any of you become subscribers to Foodzie yet? If you are a new reader or missed my post explaining what Foodzie is, read this and it will fill you in on one of my favorite edible things. I have made it half-way through February’s Date Night Box and also a few things from the previous months. Keep reading to see what I think…


First up is the Fig & Port Vinaigrette from the girl & the fig in Sonoma, California. WOW! This is a delicious vinaigrette and I am sad that I have only tried it on this pasta. I cannot wait to find out the other ways I can incorporate into several meals to come! After boiling some rigatoni, I caramelized some onions and added asparagus, walnuts, goats cheese, and little pasta water before combining all of the ingredients with the vinaigrette.


Caramelized onion and asparagus pasta with a creamy fig & port sauce




I have used the Seas Salt from Menocino, California on everything from the above pasta to some shrimp I made last weekend and sprinkled on top of a buttery and toasted bagel. When I sprinkle the salt, it almost immediately is absorbed  and essentially melts into its canvas bringing life upon whatever it may fall.




The Durum wheat mohawks from Baia Pasta in Oakland, California are such colorful and fun-shaped pasta. This recipe from Food and Wine has been on my edible bucket list for just over two years now so when I opened my refrigerator and found cauliflower- I knew how I would use my most recently acquired pasta.


Cauliflower and Pistachio Pasta






Hailing from St. Louis and featured in my December Foodzie box were these jewel-toned Bluberry Acai Gummy Pandas made by Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier. Despite living on fruit & cereal, alone, my junior year of college- I honestly do not care for blueberries. I was devastated when I read on the label: Blueberry-Acai. The moment you open the bag, the aroma of blueberry come wafting towards you. The flavor is not my favorite, but the texture of the bears is unlike most gummy snacks. You will not need to visit a dentist after eating things because they seem as though where just made. They are very fresh and you can tell that they are not your typical granulated-sugar sweetened gummies. They taste like they are good for you!


Gummy Pandas




Question of the Day: What are you weekend plans? Do they revolve around meals like mine do? T and I have several celebrations this weekend for friends and family that will most certainly include revolve around tweetable treats. Follow me on Twitter to vicariously partake in my weekend full of eats. 

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