Homemade Baby food, Guest Post

It’s Monday, again!! Despite the fact that the weekend was only 47 hours long, I still managed to fit in many incredibly delicious things. Over the past few days we have celebrated Birthdays, an Engagement, and a life newly discovered.  In the past, I have had my part in creating showers for all three types of events— What I have never done is make baby food. One of my friends, Samya (whom I visited in Florida earlier this year) is a relatively new mother and fellow foodie. As long as I can remember she has looked forward to sharing her love for food with her son. Since he is just 7 months old, he is easing in slowly with foods that are pureed (aka baby food). Samya has quickly mastered the art of making it herself and it here to explain the abc’s of baby food!

Hello! I’m Laura’s dear friend and fellow foodie, Samya 🙂 I recently had a baby boy this past August, Ollie. As a new mommy I was excited about so many things, as all mommies are! But there was something else that got me squealing with joy! I couldn’t wait to feed him!!! I always knew I wanted to make hisbaby food. I make everyone else’s food, why wouldn’t I make some for my favorite person in the world? There is something about giving him fresh homemade meals that just makes my heart happy. Can you tell I’m obsessed with food?

Every mom should do what’s best for them. There are wonderful highly regulated baby foods out there that every baby would be happy to enjoy. But making your baby’s food isn’t that hard! So give it a try and see what you think! After talking to my baby’s pediatrician, using my mommy’s intuition on when Ollie was “ready”, and consulting my two favorite baby cookbooks (below) I was ready to get cooking! Now I will share all I have learned so far. 🙂
These are the things I used to get started. Parenting’s “Love in Spoonfuls” & Tyler Florence’s “Start Fresh”. Fresh organic produce. Oatmeal, rice cereal, and yogurt. Steamer, roasting pan, blender, food processor, and BPA free ice cube trays. Remember to introduce 1 new food at a time to watch out for allergies. Also I learned that a blender is best for 1st foods, to make them super creamy. Then you can move to a food processor when your baby is ready!
In the beginning I removed all skins, and always steamed the food. Then while blending you add cooking liquid till you reach the perfect consistency! Ollie’s 1st food was sweet potatoes. I removed the skins, cubed, steamed, blended, and voila fresh baby food
Roasted Blueberries. Reconstituted Prunes. Pureed Avocado. Rice Cereal with Blueberry Puree.

Roasted Blueberries. Reconstituted Prunes. Pureed Avocado. Rice Cereal with Blueberry Puree.



The best part is it freezes wonderfully for an easy meal time. I often make large batches on the weekend and have enough food to last the week! Just add purees to a BPA free ice cube tray, freeze, and transfer to freezer bags. Pretty soon you’ll have a freezer full of brightly colored cubes. I defrost in the microwave (2-3 cubes) and have the perfectly portioned Ollie meal. The food will last for months, but each food is different so do some research to double check.





Get creative! Some of Ollie’s favorite foods are mixed purees: Banana & Spinach, Mango & Apple, Pear & Turkey… Also remember it’s not just for babies! I have used the frozen cubes to make smoothies, banana pancakes, & blueberry syrup, Mmmmm!!
I hope your baby enjoys as much as mine! Happy pureeing! -Samya & Ollie

2 thoughts on “Homemade Baby food, Guest Post

  1. I loved Samya’s baby food guest post! The proof of your success is the smile on Ollie’s sweet face and the empty jar! Laura, I am new to your blog. I look forward to following your blog!

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