Caramelized Onion Flatbread

Several years ago, a few copies of my grandmother’s Bon Appetit magazines ended up at my parents house and I absconded with them they have mysteriously made their way over to my home. The punishment proved well worth the crime when I dog-eared then made this recipe featured in the February 2006 issue!



Since I first made this flatbread, T and I have been dreaming about it and have officially discovered a chronic menu-repeater. This is a very easy to make recipe to follow! Even the flat bread dough is easy to make! Don’t even take the time to add this to your edible bucket list, just start making it now!





Check out the sweet as sugar caramelized onions atop a butter and chewy crust featuring crème fraîche which stands in for cheese provided just the right amount of creaminess!





Question of the Day: Have you recently stumbled across anything that you want to be a menu-repeater?

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