A Better Butter Beer

I am a sucker for holidays! Some of my favorites bring Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, The Fourth of July & Thanksgiving. Obviously, my favorite thing about these holidays are the different foods that come with each day. When I realized that I was having some friends over the same night as St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to let the day influence the dessert course of the evening.



Guinness was my stout of choice



I have been wanting to make something with Chocolate & Guinness and I had been sorting through recipes for the past year taking note of what caught my eye. Two weeks ago, I stumbled across this recipe and after reading the intro, I decided this was the recipe. The only changes I made were to substitute 1/2 stick of butter for 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. I had found that oil really does make a cake more moist, but since I was unfamiliar with this recipe, I didn’t want to substitute too much on my first try. Next time, I would increase the oil and decrease the butter because the cake was still slightly dry (in my opinion.) I also added 1/2 cup of powdered sugar to the icing. I wanted to add a little sweetness to the icing since the cake, itself, was not very sweet.





If you haven’t yet heard, Harry Potter now has a theme park and it serves butter beer. This step reminded me of that, but I’m sure rendition this was a little more luxurious.





After I poured the batter into two round cake pans, I still had enough for a dozen cupcakes. I couldn’t resist whipping up a batch of cream cheese icing. I topped half with chocolate ganache and the other half with the cream cheese icing.





Here is the final product. I found that the longer the cake sits, the more predominant the Guinness cake was. I could not taste the Guinness in the cake the first day, but the next day- I was able to notice it. (side note: everyone else was able to taste the Guinness on the first day)













Question of the Day: Have you ever baked with Guinness? What did you make? 

5 thoughts on “A Better Butter Beer

  1. OH MAN does that cake look AMAAAAZZZIIIINNNGG!! i make a bundt cake with Bailey’s as well as Bailey’s chocolate icing… it gives it a great flavor!

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