Make it NOW or LATER

Whew! I do believe anyone who was around me this weekend may be sick of hearing hold on- I have a food blog! I took a plethora of pictures this weekend, fewer than 5 contained people. Admitting that I went to 5 restaurants over the past 4 days reveals that this weekend essentially revolved around food! Yesterday’s lunch did not take place at a restaurant; however, it was one of the most photo worthy events of the weekend. I was in charge of dessert. One of the desserts I made was a mixed berry cobbler. It was a first time attempt for me and it proved to be a successful one!



I was inspired by this recipe for the biscuit crust and basically followed it. I used 2% milk when making the because I only had a little bit of whipping cream left and I wanted to brush the top of the biscuits with the cream before sprinkling them with demerara sugar.  After I made the dough, I formed it into a disc and wrapped in parchment. I made the dough the day before I needed it, I stored it in the refrigerator and it worked out great!


The next day, I rolled out the dough and cut out 15 circles with my biscuit cutter. The dough rolled out very easily and re-rolled better that I thought it would’ve. This dough recipe will definitely be added to my recipe box!





I had a bunch of berries in my freezer from last year. Instead of buying sub-prime fresh ones from the grocery store, I decided to use these while also making room in my freezer for the upcoming berry seasons! I mixed about 6 cups of various frozen berries with 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 T lemon juice, and 3 T of cornstarch. After the berries were well coated, I put them in a large rectangular baking dish and topped them with the biscuits that I then brushed with whipping cream and sprinkled with sugar.



I then baked the cobbler at 350 for around 40 minutes.



Then, of course, it was topped with vanilla ice cream! Everything about this cobbler reminded me of summer and I will definitely be making this again. You can make it now with frozen berries or wait until the summer and make them with fresh, either way it should be made and it should be served with ice cream!

Question of the day: What is your favorite kind of cobbler? Chocolate? Blackberry? Tomato?

3 thoughts on “Make it NOW or LATER

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  2. Peach is my favorite. If you ever want some recipes from the Farm Women’s Cookbook of Pennsylvania, I would be happy to share. They have a super delicious and quick cobbler recipe (using any type berries) that is to die for!! Keep those blogs coming. I sure am enjoying them!

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