One or the other

If you were not wowed by the berry cobbler I posted yesterday, that means that you are probably a chocoholic. If you have never met a dessert that was too rich or a sweet that was too fudgy then you will appreciate this recipe! As I was flipping through the March issue of my Food Network magazine, this recipe for a towering flourless chocolate cake caught my eye. It would be the perfect contrast to the berry cobbler. Just like that, the dessert menu was settled.


Although this torte had several steps, they were quite simple to follow.



Chocolate, melted



fluffy and voluminous eggs



Coffee, brewed



In the oven!



Cooled and plated



making the meringue



a view from the top



piece of cake!

one more for good measure


The only substitute I made, was coffee for beer. This cake left me high & dry. I thought that the coffee was perfect though as it added depth to the fudginess. The only mistake I made with the meringue, was forgetting the butter. It worked out ok, but I recommend including the butter when you make it.


If you fall into the aforementioned category of being a chocoholic and if you make this cake, I do not think you will be disappointed once you taste the bittersweet moist cake topped with the sweet and creamy meringue. This is also the perfect dessert for any one who is avoiding gluten.


Question of the day, Are you a fruit or chocolate person? I can be either, especially when ice cream is included.

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