What I’m loving Wednesday

How has your week gone? Can you believe we are half way through it?! Here is a round up of what I have been loving over the past seven days!


About a month ago I heard that Sonic was now selling sweet potato tots. I don’t usually go through drive-thrus/ins, but I made an exception for this special. They come out steaming hot (major plus) and were even more tasty than I thought they would be. The sweet potato flavor was prevalent, it didn’t just taste like fried food.


sweet potato tots



If you follow me on Twitter and saw this photo, did you figure out what it was?



What could it be?



If you like kiwis, you will definitely like these kiwi berries. Kiwi berries are basically baby kiwis that don’t have the scratchy and hairy skin. you just pop the whole thing in your mouth. My Aunt brought these to a party we had for my Grandmother over the weekend and they were the star of the afternoon! Yum!



Kiwi Berry!



There were several surprises for my grandmothers birthday throughout the weekend. One of my Aunts, who lives in Wisconsin, was a surprise herself! She came in town for the festivities and I had the honor of picking her up from the airport and entertaining her for a few hours. When she comes in town, there are a few restaurants she enjoys going to that  are not in Wisconsin. We headed to Houston’s and we tried their guacamole and chilled queso which was essentially pimento cheese. Their pimento cheese was spicier than mine and has inspired me to tweak my recipe!






SPICY Pimento Cheese



This deal from Living Social arrived in my inbox at the perfect time. My subscription to “Martha Stewart Living” recently expired, but what a deal, “Everyday Food” and “MSL” for $19! Check it out!


Living Social Deal



Question of the Day, What are you loving today (edible or not?) I am loving that it is Wednesday, the weekend is so close!

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