Mi Pueblo, the review

When two of my dearest friends from high school and I all had Monday evening free this week, we decided that we would rendezvous for dinner at Mi Pueblo.


Something rare happened, I had difficulty navigating a menu at a Mexican restaurant! I couldn’t figure out what I wanted and I was so caught up in catching up with my friends that I panicked and just ordered vegetable quesadillas. Despite my love for all things edible, I have not cooked dinner since Tuesday of last week and by cook dinner I mean scrambled eggs and bagels. I was in desperate need of vegetables, so a veggie loaded dinner sounded perfect.


While we waiting we munched on chips & salsa. Their chips are thin and crispy and their salsa flavorful!


A skillet of Vegetables!





I made a couple of  tacos scooping some vegetables on to fresh flour tortillas then topped them with beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, etc. YUM! The guacamole and pico de gallo were delicious and I enjoyed them on chips also. The vegetables by themselves were not my favorite; however, in a tortilla with all of the toppings they were great.


The servers were very helpful and kept our beverages full. I did ask for corn tortillas after our entrees arrived and I never received them. Besides that, the servers were attentive.


We sat outside on the balcony and chatted late into the night after we finished dinner. I had such a lovely evening with my friends, despite my spontaneous dinner choice.


If I return to Mi Pueblo, I definitely hope to sit outside and I also hope to be more adventurous when choosing my dinner!


Question of the day: When you have not been home to eat a proper meal in awhile do you find your cravings different that usual? I always prefer a veggie heavy diet, but lately all I have wanted to eat is salad!


Mi Pueblo

5007 Black Road

Memphis, TN 38117


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