River Oaks, the review

When we began to search for the venue where we would host my Grandmother’s 70th birthday dinner, a few restaurants were tossed around and I added River Oaks to the mix. After my Mom and her two sisters did some research, they decided that River Oaks would be an ideal place to celebrate. I was very much looking forward to the evening with family and friends, while also thankful for the opportunity of dining at a restaurant that has been on my bucket list ever since one of Memphis’ most esteemed chef’s made River Oaks his home.


The appetizers selected for the evening were crab cakes and assorted cheese. To my surprise, I most enjoyed the ciabatta. The ratio of crust to crumb was impeccable and it was perfectly chewy. The fruit and cheese were also quite tasty.


selected appetizers of the evening



For my first course, I selected chef Gutierrez interpretation of a caesar salad. It was stunning and tasty also. The roasted red pepper aioli and massive grilled shrimp were a well-welcomed addition to the traditional caesar salad.


Almost too pretty to eat!



For my entree, I chose the Filet and I substituted the cauliflower risotto for the potatoes.


Another piece of edible art









Whether or not a dessert is accompanied by ice cream usually determines my decision which is why I had the Hot Dark Chocolate Fondant Cake.






The Flood of chocolate is released!



We all very much enjoyed our evening at River Oaks thanks to the friendly staff, the birthday girl, and the people with whom we celebrated. I would love to return again to try a few more items off of the menu. All, in all, a lovely night!



River Oaks

5871 Poplar Avenue

Memphis, TN 38119


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