What I’m Loving Wednesday

Here we are again, it’s Wednesday! What have you discovered this week that you love? Here is my list!


I had to work late one night last week and grabbed dinner at Cafe Eclectic. I got the chicken and vegetable quesadilla. It was amazing! Very flavorful and it had mushrooms in it, one of my favorite quesadilla fillings!


Quesadilla topped with pico de gallo



I got a grapefruit at the grocery store last time I was there and I didn’t know how they would be, but it was great! I am a wuss and sprinkle splenda over the top to tame the tart!





My boss recommended that I try almond butter on graham crackers and it was a great snack over the weekend! I prefer the freshly ground almond butter that you grind yourself over any of the jars (only because we do not have a Trader Joe’s!)




These chips were are great find! They are yummy on their own or with salsa. I can’t wait to try them with guacamole! Saying that they are lightly salted is slightly deceptive, as I am a salt person and I found them quite salty.





Have you tried any of these things and loved them as well?

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