Foodzie Friday, the review

Things have been busy here and life is full; nevertheless, it is friday which means I have some Foodzie talk for you.


Unearthed from the Brooklyn themed box was this generously-sized bag of Early Bird granola. The granola contains pecans, sunflower seeds, and coconut and is sweetened with brown sugar and maple syrup. The granola is not the boulder-sized tooth-chipping variety, but rather the flakey, crunchy sort.




Close up



This bag of pistachios was warmly received despite my history with pistachios. The flavors are great, we have enjoyed munching them as we prepare dinner or while catching up after work.





These gluten-free dried mango slices tasted better than I could’ve imagined and are a great snack. They are sweet and tangy while coming in at 120 calories for the entire bag.




That is all for this week, but good news! I received an e-mail that my April Foodzie box is on its way, I cannot wait as the theme I selected has me looking forward to late nights on our deck with friends (and good food!)


Question of the day: What is on your calendar for the weekend? Are you making anything yummy for Easter or Passover? 

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