Bhan Thai, the review

Nestled on the corner of Cleveland and Peabody in the heart of midtown is Bhan Thai. I had heard rave reviews lately and went to check it out for myself.


The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating and could easily be the location of a swanky dinner or a quick bite to eat. Ours was the former and we got straight to business and after reading the menu order our Entrees. They offer the standard noodle, rice, and curry dishes, but they also have pork chops, red snapper, and what my mom calls one of her favorite salmon dishes in the city. After contemplating a few items, I ordered the Crispy Duck.



Crispy Duck


When it arrived, I was shocked at how large it actually was. It truly was as the menu said ” half portion roasted duck.” The sweet, spicy, and sticky skin was perfectly crispy and underneath it boasted the most succulent and tender duck that I have had in awhile. It was served along side carrots, broccoli, and steamed white rice.


Sticky, Sweet, and slightly Spicy


The discovery of Bhan Thai was a pleasant surprise, I am looking forward to returning; however, I am not sure I will be able to venture beyond this dish! It was fantastic and well worth a repeat!


Bhan Thai

1324 Peabody Avenue

Memphis, TN 38104


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