Better Late Than Never

I am one of a kind when it comes to breakfast. I do not want a bagel (even if it is from New York), a donut (even if it is fresh off of the conveyer belt at Krispy Kreme), pancakes, or a muffin. There are many, many, many breakfast options out there; however, I simply prefer and only eat cereal for breakfast. On my honeymoon, I ate Special K flakes every morning for breakfast and when out to breakfast with friends or family, I order cereal as well. Please don’t close your web browser in shock, disbelief, and terror! Read on, there is a method to my madness.


One of my favorite things to buy at the grocery store or Target is cereal. My cereal cabinet is always filled with as many boxes that will fit, while the remainder is stuffed somewhere else in the kitchen until room is made for it with the others.


My cereal shelf

My cereal shelf


In the above photo you will see: Frosted Toast Crunch, Corn Bits (Kroger version of Corn Chex), Honey Nut Cheerios, Quaker Cinnamon Squares, Cinnamon Life, Chocolate filled Krave, Early Bird Granola, Homemade Granola, Old Fashioned Oats, & Steel Cut Oats.


I do not prefer cereal dry and when eating it always pour skim milk over my cereal. I grew up on skim milk and think that all other other milk is almost viscous! I use both Organic and Conventional, I am not picky in this way.


If given the option, I prefer a rimless bowl in which to eat my cereal. I have not pinpointed the source of this inclination, but this led me when registering for my wedding to select china whose bowls did not include a rim.


This may be the most odd thing about my cereal habit: I put ice cubes in my cereal. Yes, I am southern and have difficulty drinking water without an iceberg afloat to chill the water. I used to joke that I liked my water at 33 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, the same applies to my cereal. I realized early one very hot and humid summer morning that temperature of the milk in my cereal bowl quickly rose to what seemed like room temperature milk and made the cereal I was eating very unenjoyable. My mother advised ice cubes and wow! they do the trick!  Yes, you may officially dub me insane!


Before I was married, I had a small bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with skim milk and a few ice cubes every morning (sounds like a coffee order a Starbucks!) . Since the day I exchanged my last name for his, my husband has converted me to be a mixer. These days my cereal bowl could often be confused with a parfait or a trifle.


Cereal Parfait


In the above bowl you will find: Corn Bits, Honey Nut Cheerios, Quaker Cinnamon Squares, and Cinnamon Life sprinkled with Frosted Toast Crunch and Early Bird Granola all floating in conventional skim milk. If you look carefully you may also be able to discern a few ice cubes in the right hand corner.


There you have it, I have bravely divulged the idiosyncrasies of someone who may at the surface appear simple when she replies cereal would be great! When asked what she would like for breakfast. Despite, all of the above- I am most definitely placated by a rimmed bowl of cheerios or corn flakes and can even eat it though it be served in 1% luke warm milk.


What do you eat for breakfast every morning? If given a choice what would you have for breakfast every morning?

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