Bronte, the review

If any of you have been to the Booksellers at Laurelwood (formerly Davis Kidd) lately, you may have noticed the recent facelift that the bistro inside the bookstore recently received. They have updated the bistro, artfully called Bronte, in many ways and it is now a more swanky spot to grab a cappuccino, crab cakes, or a breakfast burrito. The restaurant serves a vast array of food available during Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner weekly and offers a brunch on Sunday in addition to their lunch menu.


The Sister Schubert Rolls that Bronte brings out shortly after your order is placed.


Though I have dined at Bronte a dozen or so times, two of their menu items remained on my bucketlist. The Creme Brulee French toast with Berries and Bananas and the Roasted Portobello Sandwich on a toasted Kaiser bun. Somehow when T and I went there for brunch last weekend, we ended up with both of those entrees on our table! (what a good husband! Actually, T chose the french toast without hesitation! French Toast is one of his favorite breakfast items.



T got the French Toast with out the berries and banana. I thought that the french toast was delicious, but I would have enjoyed the fruit on top of the french toast.



Creme Brulee French Toast



The portobello sandwich did not disappoint. It was delicious and I loved the fact that the mushroom was roasted and not grilled. I find that the smokiness from the grill over powers the delicate flavor of the mushroom .Cooking the mushroom this way allowed the mushroom to remain the star of this sandwich. I substituted the basic mixed greens for the pear and blue cheese salad. The pear and poppyseed dressing was exquisite!



1/2 sandwich and 1/2 salad


Two birds with one stone are crossed off of my edible bucket list and they both proved worthy of their spot on my list! Yippee!


If you are looking for a place to catch up over coffee, “lunch”, or even an easy dinner- go ahead, check out Bronte!


Bronte in the Bookellers at Laurelwood

387 Perkins Extended Road

Memphis, TN 38117


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