What I am Loving Wednesday!

Hello! The week day is more than half way over, yipee!! Here are things that I have enjoyed this already busy and full week.


This Chicken Shawarma recipe is delicious! I highly recommend grilling this sometime in the very near future!


Chicken Shawarma


The beauty of fresh produce!


Gorgeous Eggplant!



I grilled the above eggplant and added it to my half of the pizza we had for dinner.


Grilled Eggplant pizza topped with basil and mint



Believe it or not, this pie has had me sneaking in the refrigerator for tastes throughout the week. (and it was intended for T haha)


The Dark Chocolate Mousse layer is my favorite bit!



Impromptu BBQ dinner with my family. Memphis has the best BBQ hands down, no dice, the end.


The Sausage Plate was impeccable!



While dashing about this week, I ate this for lunch. Not very gourmet, but tasty nonetheless. I’ll post the recipe soon.


Lunch on the run



A sweet friend went Strawberry picking at the Agricenter and not only did she share some of her strawberries with me, but also some strawberry cake that she made with them!!




Please share! What edibile things have you fallen in love with this week?!

2 thoughts on “What I am Loving Wednesday!

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