Foodzie Filled Friday, the dinner!

Last week, you may remember my post of photos filled with all things Foozie. Well, it was a sneak peak into dinner that T and I had with some friends that was themed around different items I had received from Foodzie. T and I prepped as much at home before we loaded up and headed to our friend’s house. Here are some of the items I brought with us.


Packing up to go!



The Beautiful and very full table.


So many creations evolved from the contents of my Foodzie boxes




ok, so this is the only part of the dinner that was not influenced by Foodzie. Our friends have chickens and one of them turned out to be a rooster. T and one of our friends turned the rooster into dinner! Many photos were taken during this evolution, so a post is soon to follow on this!



More to come on this!



Plenty of veggies, spreads, & crackers.



Our fruit platter



The dried mango is from Foodzie


Lastly our tray of dessert


sweet ending


The evening was dubbed a success! Dear friends and tasty food is always a winning combination!



thumbs up!

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