Revival Food Truck, the review

Thanks to my boss, I recently had the opportunity to try one of Memphis’ few and proud food trucks! I received a text telling me to look online to check out the menu and select what T and I wanted for dinner. Revival Food truck parks itself in various spots throughout the city and posts it’s location & menu on Facebook and Twitter. Just a few weeks ago Revival has been experimenting with serving not only lunch, but also dinner. The night we got dinner from their was the first night the dinner option was available.

First of was the Steak Fajita Tacos. They were fresh, flavorful, and well seasoned. They were a little more low-country inspired than your more typical south of the border tacos.

Veggie loaded Steak Fajita tacos

The tacos come with one side and we chose the Mirliton Ratatouille.

Revival's interpretation of the french classic, ratatouille

For our other entree, we had the Sunrise Sliders. These mini chorizo and cheese burgers really packed the heat! They were spicy little things!

Three Sunrise Sliders and Black Eyed Peas

Right along side the sliders were these zesty, but not as fiery black eyed peas. Don’t let their size fool you, they are packed with flavor.

My favorite part of the meal was the second side to the sliders, the chips and salsa fresca!


The chips reminded me of a Las Delicias chip and the salsa was on point!

We really enjoyed our first Memphis food truck experience. We can’t wait to try Revival again and all of the other ones popping up around our wonderful city! Check out their website to see a sample menu and try to resist the chipotle sweet potato salad, the elvis “cannoli”, and the krispy-kreme bread pudding!

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