Breakfast for Dinner

If you do not already know, cereal is what I eat for breakfast EVERY morning. Because of this, having what most people have for breakfast at dinner time always sounds tasty to me! After going to the International Farmer’s Market and scoring a lot of different produce, I was faced with the task of utilizing all of it.


Beautiful mushrooms



These mushrooms inspired me to make a potato hash topped with runny eggs, salsa, avocado, and cheese.



Delicious Dinner!



This is truly a no-recipe recipe. It is the best kind of recipe, one where they chef can be led by what they would like to eat and by what is available.








I roasted sweet potato (for me) and a regular potato (for T) in olive oil, salt, and pepper. When 10 minutes remained, I added garlic and the mushrooms. Meanwhile, I cooked a couple eggs- keeping the yolks runny! After the potatoes were ready, I topped them with the eggs, some avocado, a spoonful of salsa, and a sprinkle of cheese. I also ended up adding a dollop of greek yogurt. This is a very hearty and relatively cheap meal. Neither T or I could finish our breakfast dinner because it was so filling. Next time you need a quick meal at any time of the day, make this and let every one customize their hash. T also had bacon on the side for a little meat.

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