‘Tis the Season

When I was flipping through the most recent issue of The Food Network Magazine, I came across this recipe for radishes. I instantly knew that this would be the perfect way to utilize the radishes I had recently purchased.


Ready to be trimmed


The only other way I have used radishes are in cous cous. I match stick them before mixing them in with the tiny pasta. They add a pepper bite when raw, but I wasn’t quite sure how they would be when cooked.


Ready to eat!


This recipe was so easy to follow and basically took care of itself while I worked on the rest of dinner. This recipe should be added to your bucket list because it is a very different, but delicious way to incorporate radishes (and more vegetables) into your diet. Not to mention it adds a pretty pop of color to your plate!


pretty in pink!


No, I did not serve my husband bread and pasta! It is another vegetable in disguise! Stay tuned later this week for another surprising way to eat veggies!


Question of the day: Is their a vegetable that you always eat raw and never cooked? Which one?


One thought on “‘Tis the Season

  1. I prefer to eat celery raw rather than cooked. The one time I had it cooked it was limp and unappealing. You burn more calories EATING celery than are contained in the celery and I LOVE the crunch! I will try your radish recipe…thanks for passing it along.

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