Sister, Sister!

Friday morning, I headed south to Clinton, Mississippi to visit my youngest sister who is in school there. She is just completing her first year of studies there and I wanted to make a quick trip to see her before you came home for the summer. I am not the only one in my family who is a foodie, in fact- we all are! It is one of the traits that we all proudly bear. My sister has kept me current with the must-visit restaurants in the area and we spent one afternoon crossing things off of My Edible Bucket List.


The less than stellar picture I took while at a red light arriving at her school Friday afternoon.


Do not ever attempt



She had two exams that morning, so we planned to celebrate her being half-way done with exams on the patio at Babalu.





The namesake is also very near and dear to our family as we were raised on I Love Lucy and Abbott & Costello. 





A few months ago, my sister had eaten here and sent me a picture of her dinner. Babalu was instantly added to my Bucket List. Since we arrived a little later than the lunch crowd, the patio was basically empty and we got to pick whatever table we wanted.



Not quite what you expect in Fondren, Mississippi!



While we perused the menu, we ordered the guacamole (made table-side) and house chips.



Action Shot

The guacamole had sun-dried tomato in it! I have never tried that or heard of it and it was a great component of their guacamole. I am going to try it at home!


A neat thing about Babalu is although their tacos are sold as a trio you can select any combination you desire. My sister ordered three of the same kind, but I ordered three different ones.



Pretty Presentation



I ordered one of the Carne El Cerdo, which came highly recommended by my sister. It actually reminded me a lot of BBQ, so I can see why she like it.



Reminded me of Memphis!



The Carne La Vaca was good, but just a warning it is spicy! The salsa roja packs in quite a mighty punch!


Spicier than it looks!




My favorite was the Barbacoa taco. I am partial to horseradish, pickled red onions, and cilantro- so it was sort of an obvious win for me.


Next time I am getting three of these!




We also shared a side of mexican street corn off of the cob. It was nice to have a little fresh, sweet, and crunchy corn to go along with our tacos.


So much easier to eat if you ask for it- off of the cobb!




Although their dessert menu was quite alluring, we already knew where we were going for dessert. Part of the popular book-turned-movie The Help was filmed right across the street from Babalu at Brent’s Drugs.


Does it look familiar?



My sister and I headed there after lunch and after selecting the booth where Emma Stone had a less than lovely lunch with her two “friends” we were greeted, given menus, then ordered. I got the peanut butter milkshake, no surprise there.


They serve their milkshakes with the huge straws! Perfect for sipping!



The sign at the door made me laugh




On the way back to her campus, we stopped at Campbell’s, a local bakery, for some souvenirs of my trip.




I picked up a bag of various broken teacakes for $1 and a petit four.


This decapitated Gator that reminded me of Lily Pulitzer and was my favorite shape




My sister told me about several other places that have made their way onto my bucket list, but I don’t know how I am turn down another barbacoa taco, a greasy hamburger from Brent’s, or sample the newly added (yesterday) macarons at Campbell’s. Good thing my sister just finished her freshman year in college. I have three more years of edible trips to visit her. Thanks, E! I had a great time with you and I am looking forward to our summer together with you so close!



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