Cinco De Mayo

**Warning, this blog post contains PDA!


The Fifth of May has a very special meaning to me. No, it is not the one day of the year I utilize my emergency spanish, embrace my Puerto Rican heritage, or host a party centered around avocados and cilantro. It is on this day, three years ago that my now husband asked me to become his wife. After an awkward dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant, T surprised me with white lights, candles, the most beautiful tulips I had ever received, and a sparkly ring inside a little red box.


Where the Proposal was offered


However, for the rest of the world it is more of a avocado and cilantro kind of day. If you are not attending a party and don’t want to to brave the restaurant scene on Saturday, I have the perfect recipe for you. It is a comforting, one pot wonder. The first of the type I have made this year and it has my stamp of approval. It comes from the kitchen of Lucinda Scala Quinn who effortlessly produces pies, curry, and cocktails without batting an eye. She is no stranger to any nationality of food or ingredient. When I saw her make Tamale Pie in a cast iron skillet, I added it to my edible bucket list.


Garnished with sour cream, tomatoes, and cilantro


I made a few substitutions and it was still a success. I used ground venison in lieu of beef, a can of Rotel instead of the bell pepper and can of tomatoes  (because of this, I omitted the jalapenos from the “crust”). I suggest serving it with some of the following: Salsa, Sour Cream or Greek Yogurt, Tomatoes, Guacamole, and Tortilla Chips.


I admit, the food of Cinco de Mayo is some of my favorite, but this day means so much more to me now than fajitas and queso. Thank you, sweet T for everything the last three years has contained. Though it hasn’t all been twinkling lights and sparkling diamonds, I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. You are the best, te amo!


What are your plans for Cinco De Mayo? T and I have a few get togethers that evening. I’ll be tweeting pictures, so be sure to stay informed!

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