What I’m Loving Wednesday on Thursday

I apologize for not posting yesterday, I was having computer difficulties. Here is my round up of things I loved over the past week. Also, today seems to be sugar heavy, but is not that what a majority of people love most!


T and I had a picnic in our backyard with our favorite 5 year old friend. She had boxed mac & cheese (her favorite) and I made a pasta salad with avocados, feta cheese, fresh corn, and cherry tomatoes for T and myself. DELISH!


Back Yard Picnic: Mediterranean Pasta Salad and BBQ Panini


I am helping one of my child-hood friends plan her wedding and we met up Friday afternoon at Starbucks to talk logistics. Did you know that Starbucks is having Frappuccino Happy Hour from 3-5 pm featuring half-off frappuccinos. Take advantage of this kick off to summer as this special ends May 13. They were also offering a free sample of their raspberry swirl poundcake which was a sweet treat as well!


Fun Surprise!



T treated me to not 1, but 2 chocolate dipped cones from McDonald’s last week! (I only documented this dripping cone.)


If you look closely, you can see that it has a sprung a leak!




A family friend recently made some baklava for my mother and I was able to abscond with a few pieces. YUM-MY!


Layers and Layers of Flakiness!



Saturday was a busy day filled with fun, friends, family, and food. The first party we attended was a Cinco de Mayo party. My friend outdid her self with the delicious food!





I brought a couple of desserts, but my favorite were the Mexican inspired cupcakes I made.


Cinnamon and Cayenne added incredible complexities



The second event was at my sister-in-laws house- she made  the most amazing Sopapilla. She shared the recipe and I cannot wait to recreate them at home. These are SO GOOD, I’m telling you!


There is a layer of cream cheese in there!!!


Happy Wednesday Thursday !

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