Guest Post: Daniel’s Promise

Today’s post features my brother-in-law Daniel, who owns Daniel’s Promise, a company focused on natural health and beauty products. I hope you enjoy hearing more about his company, healthy living, and this beautiful recipe!


Garden Omelets – no recipe needed!


A few days before we were engaged, my future wife mentioned she hoped to one day have a husband who would make breakfast on the weekends. Since breakfast is one of the few meals I knew how to cook, I made no resistance to the request (as Laura mentioned in a previous post, my family often makes a breakfast meal for supper). Though I do not always live up to this ideal, I do often assist with weekend breakfasts at my house. One of my favorite things to make is a garden omelet – full of fresh herbs from my garden.



Usually I pick whichever herbs and veggies growing at the moment that strike my fancy – no cookbook needed for these omelets! This spring many of my herbs are doing well, so I was able to pick some sage, leeks, chives, oregano, basil, rosemary, and curled parsley. Also, I used a small head of garlic I had dug a couple days earlier – I’m hoping most of my patch will grow larger heads if I give them some more time. I try to not pick too much of any one herb or the flavor will be overpowering – a small rosemary sprig goes a long way.



I supplemented the herbs from my garden with baby portabella mushrooms and mini bell peppers that were in the fridge. If it were later in the summer I would include peppers from the garden instead of the store. If you can’t tell, my omelets vary according to what I have on hand. I don’t think you can go wrong with almost any combination of fresh herbs and veggies. I chopped all of the above, and then sautéed with a generous amount of olive oil.



With the herbs and veggies almost finished and turned down to low heat, I cracked my eggs. While my parents were on vacation recently I was able to collect eggs from their chickens, so this morning I had the luxury of ultra-local sourced eggs. I added a little milk and some parmesan cheese to the eggs; cheese makes everything better, right? Then poured the egg mixture into the pan with the sautéed garden mixture.



This method of sautéing the garden mixture first and then adding the egg mixture, instead of the other way around, produces omelets that do not look pretty but do taste great! With the herbs and veggies all mixed together with the eggs, each bite can give you the full range of flavors… mmmm….



I like to make one big omelet and then cut it in half to share with my wife. This saves time over cooking two omelets, and avoids the need to try to divide the sautéed garden mixture equally.



Combined with a waffle topped with yogurt and fresh fruit, this is a lovely start to any weekend morning – not to mention a healthy start to the day! I enjoy the fact I can eat a healthy and largely natural breakfast sourced from my own garden. If you have a garden, or if you just want to pick up the ingredients (farmer’s market, anyone?), these omelets are a fool proof addition to a healthy, tasty breakfast and great item to check off of your culinary bucket list.


If you want to learn about natural health and body care, please visit my company blog at

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