Restaurant Review, Interim

If you have been ever been to Interim, chances are the menu has slightly evolved since your last visit. Interim is well-known for it’s mac & cheese, hamburgers, brunch, and desserts. Though they keep these favorites on their menu, the rest of the menu is dependent on what is seasonally available.


Recently some of the ladies in my family met there to Celebrate my sister’s birthday. We sat in the back of the restaurant in order to have a more private lunch. It is cool to sit in the main dining room though— the kitchen and the dining room are connected and you can watch the kitchen prepare your food- very cool!


We did not order any appetizers, but Interim starts off each table with a bread basket. The bread tasted like a combination of ciabatta and Sister Schubert rolls.




I ordered the egg salad on brioche with a side of cranberry and curry quinoa




My sister and Grandmother has truffle frites as their side. They said they were to die for, I tried one and was not impressed. however, I do not like french fries- so don’t trust me on this one 🙂





I ordered a cappuccino for dessert





The friendly staff at Interim treated my sister to one of the best desserts I have had in awhile. A chocolate molten cake with dark chocolate espresso sauce, house-made pralines, and vanilla bean gelato. YUM!




And because I am honest with my readers, I admit that after hyping up this dessert—- T took me back to get another. We went with the innocent intention of  sipping a few cappuccinos while sharing this uber-chocolatey dessert.


Repeat Offender



We sat down and glanced over the dessert menu, a new addition had been made—- Carrot Cake bread pudding with carrot gelato.



Can I say blown away!!! What a creative spin on bread pudding!



Congrats, Interim you won my allegiance ( yet again) so much so that I came twice in one week! FATTY LOYAL!!!



Interim Restaurant

5040 Sanderlin Road

Memphis, TN 38117




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