What I’m Loving Wednesday

The weekly round up is here!! AND since I’m feeling kind— everyone has until tomorrow at 12:00pm CST to enter in my giveaway if you have not yet had a chance.



I’m still enjoying this chocolate cake that I shared with you all last time!




After seeing the fun shape of this pasta, I just had to buy them! They are curly and hollow! How cool!?




These pea pods were one of things I purchased on my recent trip to the Farmer’s Market. I love the tip of them 🙂




My friend shared some of her famous hummus with me! I had it for lunch today AMAZING!!!




Homemade broccoli salad! DELISH! It cauliflower in it- which I have never tried before- it was great!




My Sister-in-Law is from Korea and makes THE best Korean food. She made these incredible Kimbap and I probably ate a few more than I should have!!





Another item picked up at the Memphis Farmer’s Market- This orange tomato!






Have you ever tried chicken salad on zucchini? Add it to your edible bucket list.






DON’T FORGET!! Only a few more hours to enter to win a year-long subscription to Food & Wine Magazine!!

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