Dreams come true

Some people dream of a day at the spa filled with pampering and a healthy lunch while others dream of lounging on an island with a fruity drink. My dreams are made of food and this specific one included baby artichokes.




Before getting married I did not know much about preparing artichokes or that baby artichokes even exisited. While I would never consider myself knowledgeable about the spiky vegetable- I would call myself a pretty big fan! Not having a specific plan for baby artichokes has preventing me from buying them over the last couple of years until last spring I was watching the Barefoot Contessa and saw Ina Garten and her friend fry up these! It took me a year to bite the bullet.



In addition to these cute sliders, I made these artichokes for my first cookout of the season. They were not difficult to make, but they did have quite a few steps. First I had to peel away some leaves.



Then cut them in half and trim off the tops.




Fry them in evoo, thyme, and garlic cloves.




While the artichokes fry, I made the yogurt sauce to go with them.



Dinner is served!


First cookout of the season


These were delicious & the side dish or appetizer to any meal! If you are one whose dreams are food-filled, like mine- I recommend adding this recipe to your edible bucket list!

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