What I’m Loving Wednesday!

Hey Everyone! Woohoo! It’s halfway through the work week! I’ll jump right in and share with you what I am loving on this cloudy Wednesday in Memphis.


My neighbor has a fig tree and this is one of the figs off of his tree. Check out the size of this fig!! I have never seen such a massive fruit!




These chips are awesome! They are gluten free and so so tasty! I love this with guacamole, chicken salad, or simply by itself!





When I was in the grocery store last week I got these from the bulk section for my mother and I to snack on that afternoon. I did not get very many because I was afraid they would be stale. They were not at all- they were actually delicious and some of the better yogurt covered pretzels that I have tasted.




Last week was T’s birthday and his mother made him this adorable cake! Wonder what the buzz is all about?? T is a beekeeper!!! He will guest post for you me one day and give you all a sneak peak into our hive!




A dear friend gave me a roll of lemon poppyseed shortbread as a happy last week. Not only was this the cutest idea EVER, but they were also light, buttery, and perfectly sweetened!!




Korean is with-out-a-doubt my favorite type of oriental food. This week I got to have a Korean feast cooked by one of my friends everything was exquisite and I could not help going back for more! (please excuse the football plate- that was my doing not hers!!)




If you know what this is- You may be wondering how an American has this on a post of things that she loves. You caught me- I did not at all love eating this Swedish confection- but I loved that I was brave enough to try it and the fun that I had such with some American & Swedish friends trying different candy from Sweden over Memorial Day weekend. This is basically salt encrusted licorice and it is impossible to explain all that your taste buds experience after you pop this little gem into your mouth. Whew! It was a once in a lifetime experience and probably something everyone should put on their bucket list!




That’s it for today! What are you loving on this last Wednesday of May?

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