When I was in Paris, my senior year in high school, I was dumb-founded with the fact that they put eggs on so many things. Including pizza. These days, eggs are everywhere. I have actually warmed up to the idea of poached eggs, sunny-side up eggs, and fried eggs.  Eggs Benedict are one of my favorite brunch items and Bi-Bim-Bap one of my favorite entrees. So when I saw that Memphis’s most famous burger joint had a burger showcasing a medium fried egg I thought why not?! I ordered the burger with out bacon, but they brought it out with it anyway.



Knowing that I didn’t want the bacon, one piece was nabbed- then the other!


Solo Strip of Bacon

I cannot fairly review this burger since I did not eat it as prepared. However, I think that the egg should have been cooked a little less in order to provide a sauce since this burger is served dry and sans cheese. The topping of sauteed mushrooms was delicious though! The burger was good and it is definitely bucket list worthy! But….

I had a bite of my husbands west coast burger and it was amazing! No question about what I’ll be ordering next time!

The list keeps on growing!!

Check out Huey’s many locations to find the spot closest to you!

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