Restaurant Repeat

Have any of you read my restaurant review of Iris from January? Every since my first visit, I have been wanting to return. Last week, my wish was granted when T selected Iris as the place where we would celebrate his birthday!





Yes, I knew they would decorate…





Yes, I knew the menu would be personalized…




Yes, I knew that they would give us massive pieces of baguette from LaBaguette…




Yes, I was anticipating the palate stimulant (it was eggplant hummus on a crostini and it was delicious!)



Yes, I ordered my own knuckle sandwich…




Yes, I ordered a side of spaetzle…



Yes, the birthday boy split the surf and turf with me… and Yes, it was better than I remembered!




Yes, I ordered a pot of tea to combat my chronic chilliness





Yes, we ordered a birthday dessert… (apple fritters with vanilla bean ice cream)





Yes, I am already planning my return trip. The food at Iris is simply amazing and does NOT disappoint! The birthday boy said it himself, the hype and memories never live up to the first time— but at Iris, it somehow always does!


Add Iris to your edible bucket lis! If you cannot- for some reason- stomach all of the above food, I recommend ordering the surf and turf! Wow, is it worth it!


2146 Monroe Avenue

Memphis, TN 38104


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