Carbonara, take 1

If you have ever had a perfect bowl of Carbonara, please tell me where! I’ve only had carbonara a handful of times, most recently at Macaroni Grill where they are following the current trend of embracing all things eggs by topping their carbonara with a poached egg.



I have taken up the task of creating the creamiest, silkiest, most decadent carbonara. After my first try I am far from fulfilling my mission, but as I have promised– I will also write about my shortcomings.




I was inspired by this recipe from none other than Bon Appetit. I used pancetta and Fusilli Col Buco instead of rigatoni. I also added fresh peas from one of the farmers at Memphis Farmers Market.



I’m not quite sure what was missing, but the pasta seemed a bit plain to me. Not to worry. Taste testing pasta is not a bad job to have and I will continue to suffer for us all.



If any of you has a carbonara recipe you recommend or if you have had a stellar rendition anywhere on Earth, please share!!!

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