What I’m loving Wednesday

I am really excited about today’s round up, so I’ll get straight to it…



Ranier Cherries are back! Yahoo!!



Crisp, Sweet, & Refreshing!

Crisp, Sweet, & Refreshing!



My Grandmother makes the best brisket EVER! I cannot even say how much I love it! I reminds me of my childhood, her, holidays, good food— So many great things wrapped up in one bite!!



As good as EVER!



One of my favorite meals: Toasted bagel with avocado and tomato (with plenty of salt & pepper, of course!)



Simple, yet satisfying!



I came home last one night last week to this sweet treat from my sweet husband! Dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Godiva!



True love!



I made a roast beef sandwich this week on Ricki’s challah rolls with horseradish mayonnaise and it was phenomenal!



Almost as good as Houston’s!



I haven’t had very many meat loafs in my life, but this one was impecceable. It was sweet and savory. The combination of Ground Lamb, veal, and pork did the trick- hats off to my friend for this delicious dinner!



Gourmet Meat Loaf



Happy Wednesday!

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