A Farmer’s Market Dinner

The other night, a friend made dinner for us and it was perfect! Not only was it nice to have dinner made for you in your own environment, but it was seasonal, local, and fresh!


One of my favorite dishes was this peach and tomato salad. The sweetness of the peaches paired perfectly with the purple onions, basil, and heirloom cherry tomatoes due to the vinaigrette that tied it together perfectly.


Tomato & peach salad


The wildcard of the evening goes to the Hoecakes.  They are essentially cornmeal pancakes. I am not the biggest fan of cornbread, but these were incredible! Yum! I can not wait to have these again!


Hoe Cake batter



After they were fried on the “griddle” (skillet).



Hoe Cakes right off of the skillet



The epitome of a southern side is a succotash. This one was made of fresh lima beans, corn, peppers, and purple onions. So fresh and so good!



Summer Succotash


This buttermilk fried chicken is a recipe that belonged to my friend’s mother. This hand-me-down chicken was crispy and moist, the breading was phenomenal.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken


Can I pick another favorite? This gratin is the answer to what to do with your plethora of summer squash! Forget about the typical zucchini bread, the parmesan-bread crumb mixture topping is reason enough to whip up this tasty vegetable.



Summer Squash Gratin


Have you been taking advantage of this fruits of summer by utilizing local produce during its peak? The days are hot and sticky, but the bounty that come along with these long summer months make living in the south (and therefore inside for 3 months) a little more palatable.



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