Las Delicias, it’s Delicious

If you are from Memphis, I am sure that you have heard of and most likely been to Las Delicias. There is a location literally right down the street from my house. (I’ve walked there before, which if you are from Memphis— is kind of a big deal) Getting back to the point, this Mexican restaurant serves up authentic south of the border food. It is so delicious, that the year the location near my house opened, we had our family Christmas lunch there.

Las Delicias, on Park, occupies a space that was once a chinese restaurant. In it’s beginnings, Las Delicious seemed like an awkward teenager not quite sure what to do… The Chinese decor that remained from it’s prior tenant did not meld well with the  spicy chorizo and cheesy enchiladas. The owners of Las Delicias have recently improved the atmosphere by synchronizing the decor and the  type of restaurant. I have been there twice this summer as it is a favorite rendezvous spot of several of my friends.


The new and improved decor


We started off with their ‘famous’ guacamole, salsa, and their ‘out of this world’ chips.


Their lime laden guac



freshly made salsa



Going just for the chips is totally allowed and totally worth it


If you have had their chips before, then you know what I mean when I say they are the best chips in Memphis. If you have not had these chips, then you have not had the best chips in town!


I have had several things off of the menu, but have never had a torta here. This day, I ordered a steak Torta.


Las Delicias does not waste on frill. They let the ingredients speak for themselves.



Plenty of steak and avocado- yum!


Tomatoes and onions are also hidden under all of the beef.


If you are searching for an authentic and delicious mexican meal, head to Las Delicias. The only location I have been to is on Park Avenue, but there are several throughout the city including a new location on Quince.


Las Delicias

4002 Park Avenue

Memphis, TN 38111









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